Below is the front and rear of my book PSALMS 11 My Long Journey Home you can find it in my store If you don't find the book entertaining & uplifting money back guaranted as long as the book is in good shape. Sample songs below

Right now generally speaking as a race of beings we show little respect for one another's humanity, we face much to be discouraged about. The featured song on my CD EMERGENCE ( A GREAT SOCIETY) seeks to bring a moment of relief, bring some hope mankind can do better, it speaks of creating a great society. The featured song on my EP ( BLUE CODE OF SILENCE ) covers the subject of the police's blue code of silence the corrupt culture by some officers of lying or turning a blind eye to the criminal actions by some officers results in the victimization of black & brown citizens by the very people who we pay to protect & serve. It acknowledges the weight some officers face that would like to do the right thing.

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Welcome to my site where you'll find unique music every song is different I strive to provide a listening & viewing total experience, the foundation of my music is social commentary looking to provoke thought while expanding into many other areas of music. Come see for yourself.

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