I'm Phil Johnson I'm from Columbus Ohio the foundation of my music is social commentary, something that is very necessary very needed we need all hands on deck to fight against the Racism, the Hatred, the Greed that has lead to Climate change that threatens our very Existence. Good news though I mix it up not to burn myself and the listener out on the serious & provide a unique listening experience. I make music that I hope is thought provoking, some that will provide a break from the struggle, bring a smile a laugh like my song Party Music others to provide some hope for our future like my tune A GREAT SOCIETY.

I was always a poet & a dancer and never thought about doing anything professionally, as a teen I always had a need to write, then a great friend Clayton Jackson & great vocalist took 2 of my poems and turned them into songs peaking my interest in the music business. I self published by book of poetry Psalms 11 My Long Journey Home which will be in my store here soon. At this stage I'm attempting to get folks familiar with my work. My main goal as an artist is to contribute what the creator will allow me to contribute to the cause of making the world a better place if I can. I've never been a stranger to controversy even though I often tried to avoid it but it always sought me out, listening to some of my material you'll see why. I hope you will sign up for my e-mail list under the heading CONTACT so you won't miss new music, new videos & my blog which will start soon. Thanks for your time.    

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Welcome to my site where you'll find unique music every song is different I strive to provide a listening & viewing total experience, the foundation of my music is social commentary looking to provoke thought while expanding into many other areas of music. Come see for yourself.

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