The first poem from my book Psalms 11 My Long Journey Home

For The Lord I Stand !
For the Lord I stand and the son of man I'll do what I can to represent the lamb
who came as man to you he'll reach out his hand I've found nothing greater throughout the land
He's the heart of man yes he's my man
yes he brought me out of the darkness 
into the light I'm so thankful for his show of might
It's so good to walk with the one of light of right
Because of his love my life is now bright in times of darkness and fright I hope 
and pray I have the sense to keep him
in sight 

Second poem The Lord Knows Me And I Don't Care What You SAY

May have failed to be what some may need but can't tell me I'm not part of his tree
Sometimes I forgot to move when the wind blows so I can let the sun shine on shorter wonders
Sometimes the sun feels so good it blinds me I can not see
I become in love with only me and I conclude it's a sunny day because of me
And the clouds come and I notice I look to share what he's made for me
And I ask for forgiveness and I notice I want to share me even though I forgot what he had told me
And he looks down and says part of a tree remember and still waters run deep in me pure and fresh and I can see
I can we can still clean up any mess
For the lord knows me and I see someday I'll have a time to rest! 

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